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Xena Warrior Puppy

The Xena Warrior Puppy team are huge fans of Good Reasons dog treats. Check out this adorable video:


Read more about the Xena Warrior Puppy Team:

The Jonny and Xena’s Spread the Words Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, was founded because of the miraculous story of Jonny and Xena. Jonny was diagnosed with Autism and lived a very quiet life until he met Xena, a severely abused dog who was given a less than 1% chance of survival. Miraculously Xena beat every odd against her, but her miracles didn’t end there. Xena became Jonny’s companion dog and changed the life of a boy living with Autism.

The mission of Jonny and Xena’s Spread the Words Foundation is to improve the lives of individuals living with Autism and other developmental disabilities. We “Spread the Words” of kindness, acceptance, hope and understanding through our educational programs, “Become the Pawsiblity”. Xena and I visit and share our programs with schools, civic organizations, clubs, and with thousands of followers all around the world through social media. We fund raise, lend emotional support to families and financial assistance to Special Needs support programs. Because we strongly believe in the bond between exceptional people and animals, we support Animal Welfare organizations by fundraising, donating, fostering, volunteering and educating. Through our educational and support programs, we are able to enrich lives, both 2 and 4 legged, empower our special needs community, and “Spread the Words”.