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Good Reasons Howl-A-Ween Photo Contest Winners: Two Good Schnoodles in Their Hoodies.

GR Howl-Ween EwokJust one look at the winning photo in our Howl-a-Ween Photo Contest tells you that Kirsten Logan and her pups are a little quirky and whole lot of fun. Kirsten told us “Both fluffy pups in this picture are Schnoodles. On the left is Franklin (full name Franklin Fay Delano Logan).  The littler guy with this mouth open on the right with his mini ewok is Benjamin (full name Benjamin Stephen Franklin Logan-DeLeo).”

Kirsten said that they dressed Franklin as an ewok because “he is so curly and his face hair is like a squash blossom – you can barely see his eyes.  And Benji, when he wrestles, sounds like a little creature from Star Wars.  So, these costumes were very simple – just a little hood but pretty perfect because of their coloring and hairiness. Frankie doesn’t love clothes on his body so the hood worked out great.  Benji doesn’t care either way as long as there is a treat waiting for him!”

She claims all the dogs are pretty spoiled. “Lulu and Frankie will eat anything – but are particularly pleased with your Peanut Butter flavor and Cheese flavor (can’t wait to try more flavors but cheese and peanut butter happen to be two of their favorite things).  Benji is pretty picky and will not eat a lot of treats that he comes across so I was delighted when he very happily munched on the Good Reasons treats…They are my go-to treat when taking photos now.”

The Logan family pets and owner won $100 plus a 3 pack of Good Reasons Dog Treats and this spotlight on our website! Congratulations to Kirsten and all our adorable and creative contest entries!

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