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Adams Fairacre Farms Sniffs Out Good Reasons Dog Treats: Local retailers take on new product in support of job opportunities for disabled

North Salem, NY (September 25, 2014) – Delicious and drool-worthy dog treats are one of the newest items to hit the shelves at Adams Fairacre Farms. Good Reasons™ is a social enterprise of Westchester-based provider of social services Community Based Services, Inc. (CBS). The not-for-profit dog treat company does more than just sell dog treats. Their mission is to create delicious and healthy dog treats while providing opportunity and employment for people with autism and other disabilities.

Despite their recent launch in July of 2014, Good Reasons™ has grown tremendously. The ingeniously named (Charlie’s Cheddar Chomps, Bella’s Barkery Bone, and Hudson’s Pumpkin PB Pieces), and deliciously flavored human-grade dog treats are available for purchase online as well as at 17 retail locations, including their newest retailer, Adams Fairacre Farms. Why should you shop your local market for these treats now seen across the tri-state area? The answer is simple. Each purchase offers employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities within an integrated workforce – providing meaningful work, socialization, the cultivation of new skills, and a sense of independence and community.

“We want to thank Adams for putting us on their shelves, and really, on the map in this area. They’re helping us grow our customer base and aiding in our mission to provide more jobs to individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities state wide. We love partnering with organizations who share a similar sense of social responsibility,” said Vicki Sylvester, founder and CEO of Good Reasons™.

If you’re from the Hudson Valley area, you’ve most likely shopped at Adams Fairacre Farms, known for its fresh, top quality products. Following suit, Good Reasons™ dog treats use all natural, human-grade ingredients in its custom recipes stirred together by locally trained Culinary Institute of America chef, Allan Katz. What’s more local than a hometown chef? Nilda’s Desserts’ facility in Poughkeepsie is the main site for baking and packaging of every Good Reasons™ treat sold.

“Locally made treats that provide job opportunities for people with all abilities makes it a perfect fit for our newly expanded Pet Centers at Adams Fairacre Farms,” says Traci Hegeman, the Assistant Store Manager at the Poughkeepsie Adams Fairacre Farms.

On the horizon: Chef Katz is stirring up three to four new mouthwatering recipes due to debut by the end of this year that will leave your pup feeling warm and fuzzy, inside and out. Be sure to pick up your first bag of Good Reasons™ dog treats at any one of the four Adams locations today.