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Lend A Paw

Good Reasons® is a not-for-profit dog treat company on a mission. Merging advocacy for the disabled community with a love for animals, Good Reasons™ dog treats was created in support of an integrated work force. Help us provide a chance at a meaningful, productive life for people of all abilities.

Spread the Word

When the state of New York asked its network of providers to help create jobs for people with disabilities, Good Reasons® stepped up to the plate by committing to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those with autism and other developmental disabilities. Spreading this initiative on a corporate level is not enough – we need the support and good word from our community to help complete the mission. Tell your family, friends and coworkers what everyone is barking about here at Good Reasons.


“The more we share, the more we have.” Whether at the dog park, the groomer, or strolling down the sidewalk, Good Reasons’ dog treats are meant to be both savored and shared. Our four-legged friends can help spread the word, too. So next time you see a neighborhood pooch, hand them a Good Reasons® dog treat for goodness sake!


Good Reasons® offers a distinctive opportunity for community members of all abilities to experience the rewards of becoming an indispensable, productive member of society. The Good Reasons® volunteer program offers the necessary training and support for success and growth for all who seek it. Please contact 914-277-4771 ext. 500 for more information and opportunities on how to volunteer.


The continued support of our community members is critical in the success of our vision here at Good Reasons®. Help us enhance the lives of the individuals working and volunteering with us today. Click here to make a contribution.