Meet Robert!

Meet Robert!
We're back with another "Meet our Employee"! We started Good Reasons nine years ago for people with autism and other developmental disabilities to gain the confidence they need to live meaningful lives. Our employees are fantastic, stellar, independent, and full of confidence. To show support for our employees, we would like to share some facts about them with you! So, today, we want to highlight Robert!
We asked our employee Robert a couple of questions ranging from his favorite hobbies to his favorite task to do at work:

-Robert's favorite dog breed is a German shepherd. 

-He has worked for Good Reasons for a very long time. 

-He enjoys working at Good Reasons because he is making money, and he likes his coworkers. 

-His favorite task to do at work is bake dog treats.

-Robert enjoys listening to heavy death metal music. We asked him to list off a few of his favorite bands, and they are Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, and Dementor, to name a few!

-His favorite singer is Kurt Cobain.

-Robert is an avid collector. He collects rocks and minerals.
-His favorite treat from our product line is our Mr. T's Beggin' Beef Bone. 
-His favorite color is blue.

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