Meet Good Reasons' John

Meet Good Reasons' John

Meet John!

Our Good Reasons employees have different personalities, hobbies, and interests! We started Good Reasons nine years ago for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities to gain the confidence they need to live meaningful lives. Over the years, we have had some fantastic employees that are stellar and full of confidence, and we would like to share some facts about them with you.

We asked our employee John a couple of questions ranging from his favorite hobbies to his favorite task to do at work:

  • He has been with Good Reasons for seven years now.
  • John's favorite dog breed is the poodle.
  • John's favorite task at work is baking dog treats, packing products, and working.
  • Working at Good Reasons makes John feel more independent because he can make his own money to travel to different locations all over the globe. He has been to Paris, Jamaica, and Bermuda, to name a few places. In addition, John will be heading to Vegas in September.
  • John has a few other hobbies besides traveling. He enjoys going bowling and is also an avid movie-goer. He recently went to the movies to watch the film Top Gun Maverick.
  • John's favorite dog treats from our product line is Gracie's Goodie Too Chews!

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