Hurry! Last Chance to Enter Your Pup in the Spring-Themed Good Reasons Dog Photo Contest!

Dog Photo Contest with small dog dressed in a flower costume


Do you have a photogenic puppy who loves to eat delicious treats? Well, the Annual Spring-Themed Dog Photo Contest is the perfect opportunity for you! Take a picture of your dog with our Good Reasons doggie treats, and get creative with the spring theme, whether that’s capturing your canine posing on a grassy patch, dressing them up as a flower, or perhaps even giving them a bouquet of freshly picked daisies to hold in their mouths. 

The prize? Your pup will win a free bag of drool-worthy dog treats and a doggie bandana, and be crowned this year’s winner of the pups. So hurry and get your pup posing! The clock is ticking. There are only four days left to enter your dog in the Dog Photo Contest. Submissions are due by Saturday, June 11. 

In the contestant form below, submit your pup’s name and a fun fact about them along with the fun photo! The more unique the pup and more creative the pictures are, the better! 

Submit here. 

Last year, the competition was fierce. The fate of which canine was to be crowned King of the Dog Photo Contest rested in the hands of the Good Reasons employees. After intense deliberation, they declared a handsome young German Shepard to be the season’s winner. 

This spring season, who our next royal doggie might be is entirely within your power! Look out for an email within the next week, as you will be able to vote for your favorite pup (let democracy prevail).

Good luck to all the Canine Contestants!


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