Bake Days at Good Reasons Dog Treats: Crafting Goodness and Inclusion

Bake Days at Good Reasons Dog Treats: Crafting Goodness and Inclusion


Good Reasons Dog Treats stands out not just for its delectable and nutritious treats for our furry friends but also for the heartwarming inclusivity embedded in its operations. One highlight that captures the essence of this mission is our much-anticipated Bake Days.

The Scent of Inclusion and Dedication

Step into Good Reasons on a Bake Day, and you're greeted by an unmistakable energy. The savory aroma of our wholesome ingredients permeates the air, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and joy.

What sets our Bake Days apart is the fact that they are led by a diverse and dedicated team, including people with disabilities. Baking isn't just a task; it's a celebration of talents and a showcase of the dedication that defines our inclusive workplace.

Crafting Treats, Crafting Opportunities

For our employees, many of whom find joy in the art of baking, this is the highlight of their role. Handcrafting treats and working with the oven to bake a variety of shapes is not just a job—it's a source of pride. The moment of taking out freshly baked treats represents a job well done and a testament to their skills.

More Than a Treat: Empowerment Through Work

Beyond the delicious treats that end up in the hands (or paws) of our loyal customers, our mission reaches further. Good Reasons is about empowerment — giving our staff a sense of purpose and contributing to their financial independence.

In our upcoming Bake Day, we're thrilled to present two featured treats: Bella's Barkery Bone and Hudson's Pumpkin Peanut Butter Bites. These aren't just products; they are the result of dedication, passion, and the belief that every individual, regardless of ability, can contribute meaningfully.

Join us on this journey where each treat is a step towards a more inclusive and compassionate community. Your support goes beyond buying a treat; it's a vote for a world where everyone has an opportunity to thrive. Visit our Treat Shop here



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