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Three Brown Dogs Barkery

If you’ve got a good reason to treat your four-legged friend, then we’ve got some good reasons to choose us! Using only the finest, all-natural, human-grade ingredients, we’ve created a line of the most mouth-watering morsels for man’s best friend. Our drool-worthy dog treats are enough of an incentive to spoil your favorite companion, but we’re so much more than just a dog treatery! We’re also an inclusive workplace that supports and values each of our employee’s unique abilities.

Good Reasons™ was bred from a love of all living creatures and a deep understanding of the value of a diverse, inclusive society. As the CEO of Community Based Services, Good Reasons’ founder, Vicki Sylvester, PhD., has been an advocate for the disabled community for over 30 years. When the state of New York asked its network of providers to help create jobs for people with disabilities, Sylvester decided to combine her love of animals with her professional experience to create a company committed to making a meaningful difference. Three Brown Dogs Barkery, LLC. was born. Named for Sylvester’s own trio of tail-waggers, Three Brown Dogs Barkery, LLC. serves up delicious, all-natural dog treats with a recipe stirred together by chef Allan Katz, an alumnus of The Culinary Institute of America, and produced by an integrated workforce.

As Three Brown Dogs Barkery, LLC. started to claw its way to the top of the dog treat trade, Sylvester sought out a new name for the company that was more reflective of its overall mission and values. She decided to change the name of the brand to Good Reasons™.

 “We want to let our customers know that by buying our dog treats their pets get to experience the best human-grade, tasty treats on the market while helping people with autism and other special needs achieve independence through the power of an integrated workplace,” explained Sylvester. “We are a company that employs people with and without special needs in an inclusive, supportive environment. We’re here to sell dog treats, create opportunities and prove to other companies that hiring people with disabilities works!”

With each and every purchase you make, you’re not only offering your best friend a dog treat, you’re providing an opportunity for a more productive and meaningful life to people of all abilities. All profits from our treat shop go directly back to our mission. Now, those are good reasons to wag your tail!